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'Stand and Deliver' teacher dies of cancer
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Obama, Sarkozy discuss Iran sanctions, global economy
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Rare comic of Superman debut fetches $1.5 million
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Police: Missing California family may have disappeared intentionally
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Former 'Dating Game' contestant to die for murders
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Chinese hospital staff disciplined after babies' bodies found by river
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Colombian soldier held 12 years is freed by rebels
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Body of Dubai sovereign-wealth fund chief found
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Korean navy diver dies in rescue effort near sunken ship

Phil Wagner

Valeska Soares

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Otto Dix

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scotty_robotty Fundraiser

I'm busted so I'm having a little personal fundraiser on eBay – please check out my auctions: scotty_robotty thank you :)

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I'm thinking about getting one of these...

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Merlin Carpenter

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Straight Guy In Subway Has Nice Ass

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I can't get enough of DIS... (see below)


Check out the latest from all my Children...
Now DIS feels like the start of something NEW...

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Meet Xevi: Xevi is an awesome photographer - K48#3: Teenage Goth Makeover and K48#7: Telfar 8 - and also a total FOX (in fact, I think he's probably one of the best looking guys on Planet Earth today. btw, I'm happy to share the same birthday as him - Sept 21st :)

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March 12, 2010 — May 30, 2010

The Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art is pleased to announce the exhibition NEOINTEGRITY: COMICS EDITION, curated by Keith Mayerson. Neointegrity: Comics Edition is an exhibition curated by artist Keith Mayerson that includes over 210 cartoonists, illustrators, animators, and fine artists who work with the spirit and power of iconographic languages. With creators young and old, historic, currently famous, and soon-to-be-famous, the exhibition is also about the community and legacy of iconographic art and its ability to productively influence the world. Originally conceived as a utopic attempt to begin an art movement, the first installment of the
NeoIntegrity show was held in the summer of 2007 at Derek Eller Gallery in New York City. That show incorporated over 180 fine artists, with some cartoonists and illustrators mixed in to breach questions of high and low, rarified and pluralistic. NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition takes the proposal a step further, showing the relatability of creators harnessing the iconographic vehicle to express themselves and to tell stories for a culture to understand itself in order for it to become a better place. Following is the NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition version of the original manifesto written by Mayerson and sent to the creators inviting them to join the exhibition and catalogue, and the list of artists.


1. Comics should be reflective of the cartoonist who made them, and the culture in which they are produced.
2. Comics are aesthetic, and whether ugly, beautiful, or sublime, they should be interesting to look at and/or think about.
3. Comics are not necessarily commodity, and commodity is not the reason to produce or appreciate comics.
4. Comics are about ideas, the progression of ideas, the agency of the cartoonist to have ideas, the communication by the cartoonist to the world of their ideas because agency and ideas are important and what comics are.
5. Comics communicate via their own internal language, and by the language the viewer brings to a work of art. But this language is not entirely textually based, and being aesthetic, the comic communicates in such a way to be transcendent beyond written language, and traditional constructs of textually based ideology. Therefore comics remain a deep communication between cartoonist and viewer, and withhold the possibility of the sublime.
6. Comic art is rather than tells; it is about itself; it shows itself to be about what it is rather than being an illustration of what it isn't.
7. Comics are important because it reminds us that we are human, and ultimately, that is its function.
8. Comics can be, and should be sublime, in that they are able to produce images directly from the mind and imagination of the cartoonist, producing tangible realities from the fertile imaginings of the conscious and unconscious of the cartoonist, triggering responses from the same in the viewer via form and light and color, that transcends words and received ways of looking at things, that, while ideological, comes closest to directly communicating from one animal to another in the most broad, base, but considered aesthetic language possible.
9. Comics should be alive, have a life of its own, transgress intended meaning or hand or wit of the artist in that they arranges, via form, light, color, and space, other worlds that are optical and transmit cognitive reactions in the mind of the viewer that cause an ineffable schism between belief and reality that cause the work as to appear to be alive.
10. Comics can be windows onto other worlds, windows into the soul, able to capture dream space/time unlike any other medium because they are produced by the mind, gesture, hand and intellect of the cartoonist, who consciously or unconsciously cannot hope to ultimately control the meaning, interpretation, or event described by the hand and mind of the unconscious.
11. Comics should be experienced: a good work of art cannot be successfully explained, indeed, that is ultimately the only reason comics are important in the age of corporate commodity culture: it has an aura that cannot be contained-it is a result of a peculiar humanmade alchemy that comes closest to recreating the soul.

Charles Addams • Ray Alma • Peter Arno • Mark Badger • Liz Baillie • Peter Bagge • Ralph Bakshi • Isabella Bannerman • Disney Studio Artist, signed by Carl Barks • James L. Barry • Charles Barsotti • Josh Bayer • Alison Bechdel • Jordi Berbetm • Ellen Berkenblit • Nick Bertozzi • Mark Beyer • Michael Bilsborough • R.O. Blechman • Ruben Bolling • Vaughn Bode • Doug Bratton • Barbara Brandon-Croft • Kevin Breslawski • Jeffrey Brown • Gary Brotmeyer • Ivan Brunetti • Brendan Burford • Charles Burns • Tim Burton • Karen Caldicott • Sabin Michael Calvert • Bob Camp • Milton Caniff • Al Capp • Joey Cavalieri • Mark Chamberlain • Roz Chast • Nicolas Cinquegrani • Bob Clampett • Rob Clarke • Daniel Clowes • Al Columbia • Dave Cooper • Leela Corman • Erik Craddock • Ann Craven • Robert Crumb • Howard Cruse • Marguerite Dabaie • Farel Dalrymple • Henry Darger • Geof Darrow • T. M. Davy • Melissa DeJesus • Angelo DeCasere • Kim Deitch • Guy Delisle • Mike Diana • Liza Donnelly • Julie Doucet • Don Duga • Tom Duncan • Caroll Dunham • Ryan Dunlavey • Mickey Duzyj • Will Eisner • Steve Ellis • Austin English • AndrĂ© Ethier • Neil Farber • Jules Feiffer • Jessica Fink • Joe Flood • Hilary Florido • Jack Forbes • Rick Geary • Joe Giella • Stephen Gilpin • Sarah Gllidden • Stan Goldberg • Emma Claire Goodman • Jonathan Gray • Spencer Green • Roberta Gregory • Cheryl Griesbach • Rick Griffin • Bill Griffith • Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) • Richard Hahn • Peter Halley • Tomer + Asaf Hanuka • Joe Harris • Tom Hart • Rory Hayes • Glenn Head • Jaime Hernandez • Gilbert Hernandez • Matt Hickling (Matty Burns) • Syd Hoft • Seonna Hong • Scott Hug • Humayoun Ibrahim • Al Jaffee • Frances Jetter • Phil Jimenez • Ryan Johnson • Anton Kannemeyer • Ben Katchor • KAZ • Mike Kelley • Walt Kelly • Hank Ketchum • June Kim • Jack Kirby • Denis Kitchen • Keith Knight • Ed Koren • Peter Kuper • Harvey Kurtzman • David Levine • Alice Meichi Li • Yali Lin • John Liney • Jason Little • David Lloyd • Matt Loux • Lee Lorenz • Jay Lynch • Matt Madden • Derek Mainhart • Sakura Maku • Kerry James Marshall • Stanley Martucci • Joe Matt • Brendan McCarthy • Dan McCarthy • Winsor McCay • Patrick McDonnell • Ted McKeever • Taylor McKimens • Bill Malendez • Sean Mellyn • Tony Millionaire • Mike Mignola • Moebius • Andrei Molotiu • Victor Moscoso • Tom Motley • Stanley Mouse • Tony Murphy • Josh Neufeld • Marc Newgarden • Diane Noomin • Hiroki Otsuka • Grace S. Pak • Gary Panter • Tintin Pantoja • Rick Parker • Chari Pere • Raymond Pettibone • Brad Phillips • Rina Piccolo • Nate Powell • Hugo Pratt • Ted Rall • Archie Rand • MK Reed • Ad Reinhardt • Fred Rhodes • Chris Roberts-Antieau • Jerry Robinson • Trina Robbins • Spain Rodriguez • Dave Roman • Alex Ross • Virgil Ross • Ed "Big Daddy" Roth (or studio of) • Fay Ryu • Bud Sagendorf • Richard Sala • Jim Salicrup • David Sandlin • Frank Santoro • Elizabeth Sayles • Mell Scalzi • Charles M. Schulz • Dana Schutz • J.J. Sedelmaier • Maurice Sendak • Seth • Marie Severin • Dash Shaw • Jim Shaw • Gilbert Shelton • David Shrigley • James Siena • R. Sikoryak • Shel Silverstein • Josh Simmons • Jeff Smith • Raymond Sohn • Ali Solomon • Art Spiegelman • Charles Steffen • Leslie Stein • Saul Steinberg • James Sturm • B.K. Taylor • Raina Telgemeier • Craig Thompson • Jodi Tong • Mike Townsend • Carol Tyler • Steve Uy • Fred Van Lente • Jhonen Vasquez • Chris Ware • Lauren Weinstein • Rudolph Wendelin • H.C. Westermann • Eric White • Gluyas Williams • Skip Willamson • Connor Willumsen • Laura Wilson • S. Clay Wilson • Ivan Witenstein • Jim Woodring • Thomas Woodruff • Basil Wolverton • Sylvia J. Yi
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
594 Broadway, suite 401
New York, NY 10012

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Happy B-Day Eddie!

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Japanese Baseball Card

A Journey Round My Skull


from the collection of John Gall

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Giovanni Battista Moroni, 1560. The Gentleman in Pink.

David Benjamin Sherry by Johnny Misheff


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(this vid feels kinda Banks Violette) p.s. thanks Borna