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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center is pleased to present Living Live,an exhibition of contemporary art organized by David Louis Fierman and RJ Supa. The exhibition will take place throughout the building and aims to interrogate, activate, and complicate the space of the community center. The show features work by Andrea Bowers, Becky Brown, Alejandro Cesarco, Martin Soto Climent, Leidy Churchman, Christian Dietkus, Zackary Drucker, Debo Eilers, Josh Faught, Eve Fowler, Katy Grannan, Oliver Herring, Scott Hug, Kalup Linzy, Ryan McNamara, Robert Melee, Lucas Michael, Jack Pierson, A.L. Steiner, RJ Supa, and others.

Living Live deals with the distance between representation and lived experience, between what we live and what we are told is “live.” “Live” television is always actually slightly delayed for both technical reasons and to have the chance to edit content. When we watch a “live” performance we know that it is, for the most part, a rehearsed spectacle. Taken further, to be “live” is to be spontaneous, unpredictable, and take an active role in creating one’s life. This live-ness is always tempered by routine, by the reenactment of cultural tropes and performances, and the expectations put upon actions and people by others.

This concept has a special bearing in the queer community, always hanging in a sort of limbo between forging a new “live” identity and place and re-creating hegemonic social norms (see for example, the film Paris is Burning, in which documents its subjects creating a new, entirely “live” social performance out of cultural motifs such as supermodels, polo players, and the television show Dynasty). While the exhibition will feature queer artists, it takes aim at a larger goal: to reveal and explore the distance between what we live and what is imposed, between merely living and living “live.”

For more information on the exhibition please contact Ector Simpson
( [] ) or David Louis Fierman (

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I recently found this on eBay — I was the only bidder! I can't believe how good this is — I've been wanting to find a copy for years. I'm sure that it's pretty rare. The title of the band was pulled from a New York Post headline and often the lyrics came straight out of the sensational stories with samples from live news broadcasts. A NYC art band with member/artist David Wojnarowicz, Julie Hair, Jesse Hultberg, Brian Butterick, Doug Bressler.


we are non-essential laborers
you will die soon enough
I will not live long
All things will change and move on
this course of history
this living and non living

it happened on the streets below
in the midst of falling rain
a series of cars collided
impact of motors and glass
A bum was struck in passing
A bum was struck in passing
and all civilization
was at the wheel

I see these things everyday
television candidates with singular vision
grey images of freezing homes
people combing through garbage reefs
so we continue, so we consume
unearthing cars and factories
and thirst is continuous
and thirst is continuous

you can drink wine from crystal glasses
you can drink wine from paper bags
you can put a gun to your head
or you can turn it on the guilty party
or you can step in front of a car
erasing the sliding world of fact

Point Blank Records ©1982 3TK4

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Recommended Reading

I spent the first part of the early nineties in Paris (a very short period of this book which spans from 1980s to 2000s..) and I remember all too well the impact of AIDS there and the politics of that era. “Hate” is noteworthy for its cool analysis of both the disease and la condition humaine. Fast forward: 2011.. if you feel as though you have lost your joie de vivre — read this book!

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Vintage ads from Dec 10, 1989 OUT∇WEEK

This is going to be MAJOR!

Pledge — I did.
Kick it up!

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"Darkness has completely descended onto the landscape and I stood up and stretched my arms above my head and I wondered what it would be like if it were a perfect world. Only god knows. And he is dead." — David Wojnarowicz

Paul Thek

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Vonnegut is one of my all time favs.. this one is sure to cure my cold and post 2010 depression.

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Cover Version LP

Cover Version LP

Jan 11 — Mar 20, 2011

In Cover Version (LP), curated by Timothy Hull and organized by BAMart, over two dozen diverse artists reimagine the cover art of albums they find influential. These unique reinterpretations of the iconic LP bring new life to the art that covers vinyl, highlighting the intersections of art and music.

Glen Baldridge
Kadar Brock
Colby Bird
Jessica Cannon
Mathew Cerletty
Devon Costello
Justin Craun
TM Davy
Langdon Graves
Joseph Hart
Elizabeth Huey
Scott Hug
Butt Johnson
Faten Kanaan
Denise Kupferschmidt
Josh Kline
Erica Magrey
Michael Mahalchick
Eddie Martinez
Dave McDermott
Keegan McHargue
Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Nolan Simon
Colin Snapp
Jennifer Sullivan
Nick Van Woert
Ryan Wallace
Will Yackulic

Opening Reception
Tue, Jan 11, 2011, 6—9 PM
Natman Room, Peter Jay Sharp Building
30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn


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Falling Birds

Community Support!

Postcards From the Edge benefit for Visual AIDS

Hosted by CRG Gallery
548 West 22nd Street NYC
January 7-9, 2011

Friday, Jan. 7, 6 - 8 PM
Preview Party (See the entire exhibition, no sales)
$85 admission, payable at the door, includes a raffle ticket for the chance to pick the FIRST postcard that evening. Silent auction of additional artworks and VIP packages.
**Preview Party admission for donating artists is waived. No RSVPs necessary. All artists’ names will be held at the door.

Saturday, Jan. 8, 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday, Jan. 9, Noon – 4 PM
Benefit Sale
Over 1,400 original, anonymously-displayed, postcard-sized artworks, each sold for $85. All sales first-come, first-served, artists’ names revealed only after purchase. $5 suggested admission.

Artists include: Scott Hug, John Baldessari, Ross Bleckner, Louise Fishman, Ann Hamilton, Mary Heilmann, Jeff Koons, Glenn Ligon, Marilyn Minter, Yoko Ono, David Reed, John Waters and many, many more.

All proceeds support the work of Visual AIDS. Visual AIDS utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving a legacy, because AIDS is not over.


Contact Visual AIDS at (212) 627-9855