Tuesday, February 27, 2007


10:45PM: theswimmingpools
1:00AM: Tobell von Cartier
1:30AM: PHIILIIP & The Rainbows
2am: The Black Peter Group


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Milan Looked Good Last Night at The Cock

and so did Geir—welcome back from Mexico City dude! Ariba, ariba, andelay, andelay ...

Linda Simpson—always lookin good—showin off some priceless artwork...

only one week from today... K48 will be FREE!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Warhol Factory Girl Ivy Nicholson Receives Superstar Award

NYC, The Gershwin Hotel—Ivy Nicholson has been famous ever since she graced the covers of Harper's Bazaar back in the 1950s (K48 issues #2 & 4) and then again when she was cast in several of Warhol's films, including Chelsea Girls—his most famous. Ivy had a very special and she would say somewhat romantic relationship with Andy... and according to Ivy, some of her magic actually help save Andy's life while he was in the hospital after Valerie's tragic meltdown that ended in the famous Factory bloodbath. Congrads Ivy! You are a survivor and a real superstar! You looked very glamorous last night in your agnes b. stripes and mini with your silver metalic manicure... screw rehab—have a drink!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Steal This Manifesto—What's up with Britney LUH 3417?

1. Steal this manifesto.
2. Make use of a service already existing without paying for it.
3. Recycle.
4. Against that which cannot be understood.
5. “I ALWAYS thought that modern art was anything you put on your wall after you got to be rich.” — Robert Downey Jr.
6. Trash trophies.
7. The lie of success, the ignorance of its champions and the intrinsic honesty of failure.
8. Destroy reality.
9. Sell-out while you can.
10. Fuse the cadres of cultural, social & political revolutionaries into united front & action.
11. Radicalize aesthetics.
12. Fight back.
13. Everyone is an artist.
14. Bring back fun!
15. Lighten up—it’s not your fault.
16. Use your sex.
17. Art that has to be in an art gallery to be art isn’t art.
18. Share and collaborate.
19. No egos, jealousy or rivalry.
20. The creation of art is more important than its consumption.
21. Purge the world of bourgeois sickness, professional and commercialized culture.
22. Yes amateur.
23. Exploit celebrities.
24. Just kick it till it breaks.
25. For an art of improvement, understanding, and truth.
26. Curiosity.
27. Teenage Rebel.
28. Fuck rehab!
29. Surface meltdown.
30. Pro Homosexual, Pro Women, Pro Children, Anti-“Straight”.
31. Anti-capitalist.
32. Use the focking medium!
33. Damn kid. Probably copied it. They’re all alike.
34. This is useless and ridiculous.
35. Just do it.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sweet Dreams Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith 1967–2007

Anna Nicole was our Marilyn, not the real deal but the wanna be... our TV reality show cheap shot. She idolized Marilyn and copied her look and even emulated her death. She was like Marilyn's living fanzine. Did she take it too far? This is our American Idol today—you don't need a lot of talent—just a lot of money. Anna needed those $30,000 designer gowns and make-up artists... it was expensive being Anna Nicole—she had to look good. Just be the image—the product—like an imitation brand. Why did you deserve this? Why did you count? She wanted it soo badly. She was gonna be something someday. She did it. She got it. Anna was invented by herself but also by us—that is how celebrity happens. It's a tragic story—that we've heard and seen all before—and all that money can't bring her back. Daniel's death last fall was hard enough. Now this! And what about Dannie Lynn Hope?? I wonder if Anna knew who the real father was? I'm watching the newscasters and I can't feel anything and I don't think they do either... like, I want to feel sorry and I do but, it all feels more and more like a dream... is this The American Dream? I get soo confused sometimes but, it does make a good story and I'm definitely not the only blogger reporting on this tragic event. It's a media blitz. Anna Nicole wouldn't have it any other way. Lets have a big party. That's how she'd want us to remember her by. Life is a party. She was famous because we covered her. On her last day she’s BIG news. This is how we do celebrity in America today. Just what happened? Giving birth, son dies, you die… Exotic dancing Playboy. An uglier kind of celebrity. Sugar Daddy. It was dirty dish. TrimSpa baby. You looked good Anna. Sweet Dreams.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Miami Flashback

I finally picked up my 35s... dang, it sure is gettin expensive... coulda bought myself a digital camera... but, I like my Yashica T4... njoy these takin down in Miami back in Dec... (if you click on them, they'll get bigger and bigger is better).

Slava, Blabs & Geo... We all got pretty retarded at The Mansion for Slava's book signing party.

Brian Kenny calls a foul. The Mansion wouldn't let Geo or Avenue D perform... now that's pretty retarded if you ask me!

In the spotlight at A Current Affair—Mirror Miror

Geo gave us a private performance in Slava's hotel room.

This is Tim from Cologne on Collins...

#12 is HOT! (W8 until you see him in a police uniform—K48#6!)

These colors do run...

remember Martha's silver cape when she got out...

Granty & Ryan at Daniel Reich's B-day party by the pool.

The Boys of Mirror Mirror: Matt, Ryan and David.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Heart of Glass

Today I decided to skip Hogwarts and watch Werner Herzog's, Heart of Glass (1976). I really needed to detox from Telfar's fashion parties last night—will post my cellphone pix and the Solomon/Dustin fight video as soon as I figure out how to get them off my phone and onto my Mac. Heart of Glass takes place in a small 18th century village somewhere in the Kingdom of Bavaria. This film has some awesome nature scenes—to give the feeling of a pre-industrial landscape yet unharmed by man. The main character, Hais—a prophet cowherder and allegorical Hamlet—tells his village of their impending doom—which is meant to symbolize our own apocalyptic downfall through globalization. Everything he predicts comes true. The small village's economy is supported by a glass factory which specializes in making beautiful ruby red glass. When the owner dies and takes with him to the grave the formula for the red ruby glass, the village starts to fall to chaos. One of the raddest things that Herzog does is he hipmotizes the cast and all the actors look and act like zombies. This is one of his best films. So far I've seen Stroszek and Lessons of Darkness (which is like watching sci-fi of post Desert Storm buring oil fields). My friend Christophe Chemin (K48#6: Nomos) turned me onto this genius filmakers work. If you don't know it... check it out! He's latest film is Grizzly Man, 2005.