Sunday, January 28, 2007


GAG turned 3 last night. Cameron and Michael sure do know how to throw a party! Thx Darren for the awesome Polaroids! Happy Birthday GAG!!!

me & J. Fox

Telfar, me, Jimmi (don't know who that grrl is who snuck in behind Telfar, but she's fun!)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Paper That Made New York Famous

The American Journal of Revenge Therapy #66 cuming soon... the truth—no shit!

Pro Homosexual

Pro Women

Pro Children

Anti "Straight"

Friday, January 26, 2007

Vampire of the Vanities

Today at Hogwarts I got to meet Tom Wolfe. Here I am (looking very Draco Malfoy) with a little book of magic... a test shot for a photo shoot in Avery Library. Me and John Smock (the photographer) were taking a photo of Robert Stern who was with Mr. Wolfe. Tom had a bloody nose so I couldn't get a picture with him. He wore a white suit and a hat and a navy blue cape. He looked very dapper. I think I will read Bonfire of the Vanities next... and/or rent the movie with Tom Hanks & Melanie Griffith (speaking of witch, have you seen her lately?)—has anyone seen it? Is it good? And I want to read The Painted Word too. Today I finished reading In Cold Blood. Also, I finished the K48 music poster for the new issue...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In The Spot Light

Here are more pix from last Thursday's KOH event at the Whitney and at Deitch... all photos courtesy of Jimmi, of Jimmi and the Jimmi’s fame, (James Swain).

My replicant, Scotty, with beautiful Sophia Lamar of Sophia Lamar will kill you dot com.

Spot lights are very glamorous!

Eli—assume vivid astro focus with Tim—love the Dior headband ribbon.

Tim's bare back. HOT!

The crowd at Deitch. Looking very much like a kult. That's Fritz Haeg of Sundown Salon in the hat.

Angels: Michael Magnan and Cameron Cooper.

I love Sci-Fi!

Me & Cameron and our shoes are radd too.

After the performance we ate our hamburger and french fries we got at Lucky Strike and listened to the classical pianist on the white baby grand.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Telfar!

Banjii in the Basement w/Telfar for his B-day last night at Lucky Cheng's...

Sing it girl! Telfar, the B-day Boy, number 22.

This was my glamour date Ruba. Ruba has a hot gay uncle. We sometimes crash at his pad in Miami. By day, Ruba is a curatorial studies major at Bard, and a hooker by night.

$hayne, a young talented fashion designer.

B-day boy given me the finger.

Weyland wore a really tight sweater dress and torn it up on the dance floor.

$hayne tearing it up.

O.K. O.K. we love big typography on Tees... Solomon is a fav. x

Yes Scotty Loves David.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Star is Born

Terence Koh's (asian punk boy) bizarre white ritual that took place this past Thursday at the Whitney & Deitch Projects was out of this world. I thought it was all very brilliant—both literally and conceptually. The night was pure white magic.... from the white light emitting from the Whitney's lobby gallery—all the way to the street—onto the crowd of kult-like followers all dressed in white, including me—I even dyed my hair Blade Runner replicant white for this special occassion—to the white bumps behind bathroom doors. I remember laughing at the logo on the white porcelain toilet—"Church"—I really felt like I had been to a church that evening. The Kohs all in white, like a wedding party, the black stretch limo waiting for them out front. At Deitch you couldn't even get in if you weren't wearing white... the white followers congregated, submersed in a white fog, not unlike those found on Dagobah (where Luke took his Jedi lessons from his master Yoda) and there were these 2 giant sea urchin's with lightsaber needles of white light randomly aluminating the mist like a jedi underwater. Terence emerged in a head to toe white blond wig with broken mirrors on his pants and started to chant in a soft abstract owlish meets popstar Whitney Houston coked-out of her mind like trance. It really was purely magical... This was Terence's final night as a bunny in love. His voice started to crechendo and it was as if he came too soon and then crawled off the stage and we were all lost in the mist and brought back into our cold hard reality. I wanted to escape with him or at least reach the same level... The after party at 205 was legendary. It kinda felt like a Warhol party—even the bar was covered in aluminum foil like the old Factory—or at least how I imagined downtown NYC to be like in the late 1960s and early 70s. Awesome! Thank you Terence—you are my shining star. (above photo courtesy of Billy Miller).

Terence with Vanity Fair photographer, Todd Eberle

My pal, Jimmi (James Swain)

Phil & Shelley Aarons: two of the hottest young collectors of NYC. xo

A very handsome Ryan McGinley with Terence Koh.

Garrik Gott, Terence's awesome BF.

The legendary AA Bronson of General Idea.

Terence had like the best fashions that night! Sorry I ran out of film, I really will buy a digital camera someday soon...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Dear Wentworth,

Greetings with all due respect! I pray that this letter reaches you in the best of health & spirit and that you haven’t been caught yet!
Man I can not imagine that there is only two more episodes to Prison Break—I am going to cry. But I have to learn to bite the bullet. At one point I read that you are the 14th most Googled person.
I saw you in the “my scene” doll booth at the teen choice awards autographing a pink surfboard. I wondered if you noticed the “My Scene Lindsay Lohan” doll there. Why don’t we see you in a picture with Lindsay? Is there a rivalry between you and Lindsay?
You are so internal. You are psychologically still behind bars. How can you open up your story line? I need to be more inside your character. I want more... I’m so confined inside your walls. You can never go back to your previous life.
Went, what’s your plan? How can you manipulate them and still have feelings?
Tweener is a total RAT! But, HOT!
Freedom to me is the ability to walk away and not have to look over your shoulder.
Who are you and what drives you? You’re living your life so scared. I can totally feel the paranoia is setting in...
You must blend in... your storylines are too simple. But now that you’ve broken out of Fox, you can really expand your story... improvise as you go.
You’re our fearless leader. Everybody’s got their own agenda...
A lot of testosterone and egos going on... it’s like a pissing contest!
You’re marked for life.
You can’t go to a corner without being recognized by the news media... you’re not free. It’s about whatever works for the show. Nobody’s safe.
What the hell’s gonna happen next? Your new free life is more of a prison then you just escaped from—your home sweet home. The trick of it is to continue to be charming with whatever plot is thrown at you.
T-Bag is a big kitten—he’s always suckin’ us in—I hate him!
We need to get to the money!
It’s the regular routine... it’s nice to be in different clothes.
It’s a lot of woods, spiders, bugs, running, sweatin’, smelling kinda bad...
We don’t trust each other. Tweener is always off on his own... you should totally nail him!
Wentworth, you’ve been eating too much chocolate cake!
Emotions, tensions, down each other’s throats... everything is very urgent. You’re never free man. I don’t care how big the world is—you’re still a slave! Maybe we’re free but we’re fugitives... How can we get the money and live a happy life somewhere other than the U.S.?
Government conspiracy—time to hunt some human flesh—Bellick’s jealous and wants your hot ass just as much as we all do! I think the hammer is gonna fall. It’s kinda like working for a large corporation... you never know when you’re gonna get laid... off!
Everyone has their objective—debts to repay... you’ve got to get that 5 million man! T-Bag needs a new hand and you need a new plan—you need to manipulate and maneuver around these idiots who continue to get in our way. All those other cons want the money too!
Success and money as an actor, you’ve got to accommodate that! Finding the balance. At the end of the day you were just hired to do a job. Be committed but not necessarily attached.
There’s no sense in worrying... you’re forced to deal with what life gives you. You didn’t ask for it. Poor thing. I think it’s getting too much for you. Time for a meltdown. They messed with the wrong guy! I think you’ve met your mental match.

Yours truly,

Thursday, January 18, 2007

K48 Up For Parole

K48 has been on very good terms with the warden and soon we will be out! Below is a little preview of the issue shot behind bars by inmate James Swain, aka: Goo Gobbler. Release party will be announced soon.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mirror Mirror in Miami

Below are some of my Polaroids from the Mirror Mirror performance at Locust during A Current Affair—BIMBO SUMMIT MIAMI party (I will post more stories and pix later—I'm savin $$ to develop my 35mm ones... I'm a bit old skool still—going digital in 2007). enjoy.