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by Dan Tague

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

R.I.P. George Tooker: 1920-2011

Mr. Tooker's haunting images of trapped clerical workers and forbidding government offices expressed a peculiarly 20th-century brand of anxiety and alienation," William Grimes writes (NYTimes).

"Teller" (1967)

The Kill Team


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Kunt never had a chance

R. Crumb at Museum of American Illustration

March 23 – April 30, 2011

A diverse exhibition of work spanning the past four decades by the inimitable R. Crumb. This 90-piece exhibit showcases rare and seminal examples of original art including covers and interior pages from ZAP, San Francisco Comic Book, Head Comix, Bijou Funnies, The East Village Other, Snatch Comics, Motor City Comics, Your Hytone Comix, Big Ass Comics, The People's Comics, Despair, Black & White Comics, Arcade, Hup and Weirdo. This retrospective features such counter-culture icons as Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, Shuman the Human, Bo Bo Bolinkski, Lenore Goldberg and Her Girl Commandos, Horny Harriet Hotpants, Boingy Baxter, Angelfood McSpade and a special guest appearance by the ol'pooperoo himself — R. Crumb.

Society of Illustrators
128 East 63rd Street
R. Crumb: Lines Drawn On Paper

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pour me a drink..

by Kathe Burkhart

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

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Getting Closer

Cover photo by Scott Treleaven. The new issue will have one of these tipped-onto the front of each book.

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James White designed this poster — you can order here — all proceeds go towards earthquake-tsunami relief, Japan. Don't support GAGA — she's just another disaster.. that won't go away.

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The Connector

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This is a press sheet from the upcoming issue No. 8. All looks good except one sheet is being reprinted because of color corrections. New issue back in approximately 2-3 weeks. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered for their patients! ABRAK48DABRA

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Best in Show: Independent Art Fair

This is a good looking art fair! Photo by Jack Falanga, art by David Shrigley — Anton Kern Gallery.

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Unsolved Mysteries on the upcoming ABRAK48DABRA CD

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