Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Velvet Revolution... Britney's K-Fed UP!

Today is soo radd... Britney is getting a divorice and gonna make a come back—run you over in a SUV!

U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R. Pennsylvania) concedes his race to Democrat Bob Casey last night. The Dems rock the House and the Senate (cross your fingers)!! Someone please slap that spoiled rotten brat and give that doll to an orphanage!

Cheney has resigned... You're fired! A drink in your face!

Sweet, now we just need our own Velvet Revolution. Václav Havel is at Columbia for like 7 weeks. He's really awesome and a huge inspiration. If you don't know his story well, I'm just learning it myself but, he was imprisoned for his plays under the communist party in the Czech Republic... he got out and back in '93 the people weren't having it anymore and took to the streets and peacefully took back their country and made Havel President! When he got to the castel he rode his moped up and down the big halls and invited the Stones to party with him (I think his son is like a Beastie Boy)... he even redesigned the guards uniforms cuz it freaked him out that they looked like the same ones that would beat him up in prison!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Knife

Last night was sooo awesome... me, Jimmi, Petey & Jonny, Delvan, Phil & Phil, and Waylon all went to Webster Hall to see The Knife... I can't stop thinking about it... best concert I've ever been to... so rad. Jimi and Delvan took mushrooms and we all got stoned and then went for a walk by that super old church on like 10th and 2nd... it was Dia De Los Muertos and there was this big shrine of maragolds, dunkin' donuts, candles and memories of lost loved ones... it was an awesome site after seeing the knife. One of my favorite moments was Silent Shout... there was this large skull on stage—sorta like a Tony Oursler—and they layered geometric patterns animated on top of it... they beautifully mixed artifice and nature so well—Forrest Families was like probably one of the most awesome moments in my life. We sat tripping on a park bench by this old church and told stories (someone should have been filming us—we were like totall krackheads—would have been a great movie!)... we had so much energy after the show—The Knife was sooo inspiring! Here's a polaroid I took of the boys... all wearing their raybans... too cute! Then we went to Dick's and had the Wed long island ice tea specials... oh, and there was this awesome pizza box on the bar—it totally looked like a Gilbert & George. We ate the left over cold pizza from a hot black & latino fireman party. I can't believe they took out that old judebox... it was the best in the city! Dick's will never be the same without it. After several rounds of LITs and good times we headed over to the cock for some action... my head is still spinning—thanks Michael, Telfar and gggs—Linda looked soo hot last night!