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MIRROR MIRROR – Interirors

New York duo release their new album Interiors, wrapping themes of psychological extremes in a psychedelic pop pastiche. Produced in part by Chris Coady.
Physical release date: August 16th, 2011 / Digital release date: August 30th, 2011

Mirror Mirror, the New York based duo of David Riley and Ryan Lucero, bring their avant-pop explorations to RVNG Intl. with the release of Interiors, the ten-song follow up to their debut album, The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness.

Recorded in two parts, Interiors features the production work of Chris Coady (Beach House, Gang Gang Dance, Zola Jesus), who helped realize an expansive sound from Mirror Mirror's home-studio recordings. The other album half, aided by Joshua da Costa's monstrous and metronomic live drumming, was produced by Thomas Asenault and Zeljko McMullen at So Many Fields.

Interiors deals in themes of secret societies, escapist fantasies, and psychological extremes. "Sublime Objective" opens the album in the mind's eye of an adventurer attempting a daring mountain climb. "Under the Sun" rollicks under ray-baked guitars until it's split in two by a cameo from SSION front man Cody Critcheloe. "Dot Dot Dot" mutates an R&B midi-bass line, before "Sick City" tours an underworld of nightwalkers and plastic shamans. The acid-inflected “Starseed” adapts a futurist Timothy Leary lecture, promising listeners “bread and dope for a thousand years.” Album namesake “Interiors” describes a recluse who shuts out worldly distractions, while the stringed cavalcade of "Open Wide" leads to new psychedelic pop pastures. The album closes with "Overpower / Overjoy," an industrially flourished, whip-cracking serenade of sorts.

Following Society's 2008 release, Riley and Lucero toured the US & UK while pursuing a variety of related art projects. Some of those pursuits included a series of group workshops at Momenta Art, multimedia performances at The Kitchen and Saturday Sessions at MoMA PS1 with Tamaryn, and contributions to K48 and DIS Magazine. Mirror Mirror also partook in a FRKWYS experiment on RVNG Intl., collaborating with Stuart Moxham, Alig Fodder, Stuart Argabright, and Rico Conning.

Various songs from Interiors were remixed by Kingdom, Pictureplane, Bruno Coviello (Light Asylum), Jamstation, Sister Mantos, and The Magick Report. Each of these remixes will be released as single support and bonus downloads. A video for "Interiors" featuring Rumi Missabu of The Cockettes will precede an Interiors-inspired film directed by Tom Kalin (Savage Grace, Swoon).

The physical version of Interiors will be available on August 16th from fine retailers worldwide. The LP edition features a surprise inner cover with a reflective coating. The digital version will be available August 30th from the drab internet universe.

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Batty Hugs by Lyndsy Welgos

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Stan VanDerBeek Survey

I want to go see this survey show of legendary animation artist, Stan VanDerBeek put together by Bill Arning at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, TX.

Read more about Stan VanDerBeek HERE

+++ Marc Swanson's The Second Story

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Deborah Kass

Stefan Sagmeister's typographic rattan chair

Sagmeister spent his 2009 sabbatical in Bali and created this palm woven chair using words from his diary entries.

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