Sunday, October 08, 2006

Don't Forget Your Go-Bags

This weekend my friend and I took a fun field trip up to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory for their Oceans of Discovery open house located about 30 minutes north of Manhattan on the Palisade Cliffs of the Hudson River. We both want to be marine biologist and have a thing for Jacque Cousteau and his fellow speedo wearing scientists.

Here's a computer mapping of 'Wild Spots'—there aren't many places left untouched by man.

While checking out some rocks in the seismology lab we met this rad kid and asked to take his photo with his favorite heavy metal. Later, we noticed him writing something on the chalkboard...

This dude seemed a little bored by the rock room. He was reading Deathlands... the world went out with a bang in the year 2001. America is now known as the Deathlands. Most places it’s pure hell. In others it’s worse. This series of books follows a group that is surviving this evangelist’s nightmare. The Deathlands are populated by all types of murderous mutants, and lagneumaniacs. The weather sports acid rains, and chemical tornadoes. The California coast is underwater. Washington, D.C. is a crater. Kind of like a vacation in Bosnia, only worse. The “war” unleashed everything in man's arsenal: Nuclear, biological, chemical, liquid, gas, airborne, even more nuclear, viral, engineered,—you name it, it was used. A really deadly stew of destruction and mayhem.

Be Prepared!

Can they make solar powered Game Boys—what am I supposed to do when my battery dies?

photos shot by Joanna Ebenstein

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