Friday, October 13, 2006

Troop K48—Always Prepared!

Hi Everyone,

These aweome photos were taken this past summer by skout Ebenstein from our Kamp K48 installation... many thanks to all the artists involved in the project—you rock! njoy, hugs

Troop K48: Suzanne Ackerman, Carl D’Alvia, assume vivid astro focus, Dan Attoe, Ben Beaudoin, Hisham Bharoocha, Olaf Breuning, Jared Buckhiester, Chris Caccamise, Peter Coffin, Ryan Compton, Ann Craven, Joanna Ebenstein, Franklin Evans, Brendan Fowler, J. Fox/Edgar Um Bucholtz, Max Goldfarb, Andrew Guenther, John Hogan, Rachel Howe, Matthew Day Jackson, Terence Koh, Oliver Lutz, LoVid, Noah Lyon, Michael Magnan, Ashley Macomber, Dominic McGill, Deborah Mesa-Pelly, Billy Miller, Mirror Mirror, Kenneth Mroczek, Mary J. Nicholson, Shay Nowick, PFFR, Phiiliip, Jon Rappleye, Theo A. Rosenblum, Borna Sammak, Justin Samson, Bill Saylor, Adam Shecter, Christian Siekmeier, A. L. Steiner, Tracy Stewart, Jim Tozzi, Scott Treleaven, Shoplifter, Michael Wetzel, Grant Worth, Jeremy Yoder, Kubhugster: Scotty Hug

Protest banner by Shay Nowick, drawing by Rachel Howe, photo by A.L. Steiner, harry hunchback by Shoplifter

Wall paintings by Bill Saylor, kampfire by Theo A. Rosenblum, tent for 2 small boys won on ebay and kustomized by Dominic McGill, pizza box by J. Fox and Edgar Um Bucholtz

detail of Dominic's awesome tent, backpack by me, and Max Goldfarb's radio transmitter device

backpack and details of my xerox pyramid

Ryan of Mirror Mirror getting ready to perform at our weiner roast


Olaf Breuning, Noah Lyon, Jim Tozzi, fence by Hug & Magnan

otherside of the fence (l-r): Chris Caccamise, Ben Beaudoin, Carl D'Alvia, me, Billy Miller, Deborah Mesa-Pelly, Jon Rappleye

Jon Rappleye and Carl D'Alvia

Rachel Howe, Borna Sammak (my rad video assistant who is also a delinquent student causing trouble at NYU), Terence Koh

Jeremy Yoder, Grant Worth, Michael Weztel, Jared Buckheister, Peter Coffin, and Theo A. Rosenblum

Crow by Joanna Ebenstein (she also shot all these awesome photos, thank you!), Chris Caccamise's flash light, and a detail of Dom's tent.