Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Velvet Revolution... Britney's K-Fed UP!

Today is soo radd... Britney is getting a divorice and gonna make a come back—run you over in a SUV!

U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R. Pennsylvania) concedes his race to Democrat Bob Casey last night. The Dems rock the House and the Senate (cross your fingers)!! Someone please slap that spoiled rotten brat and give that doll to an orphanage!

Cheney has resigned... You're fired! A drink in your face!

Sweet, now we just need our own Velvet Revolution. Václav Havel is at Columbia for like 7 weeks. He's really awesome and a huge inspiration. If you don't know his story well, I'm just learning it myself but, he was imprisoned for his plays under the communist party in the Czech Republic... he got out and back in '93 the people weren't having it anymore and took to the streets and peacefully took back their country and made Havel President! When he got to the castel he rode his moped up and down the big halls and invited the Stones to party with him (I think his son is like a Beastie Boy)... he even redesigned the guards uniforms cuz it freaked him out that they looked like the same ones that would beat him up in prison!

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He Said He Did said...

I saw the pic of Santorum's daughter the other day and was hoping someone would feel the same way I did. THANK YOU...well, at least he's out of office now and can Focus On The Family.

Like your blog. I added u to my links. Check mine out if you want, hope you like it. Ciao...;-)Nate.