Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Star is Born

Terence Koh's (asian punk boy) bizarre white ritual that took place this past Thursday at the Whitney & Deitch Projects was out of this world. I thought it was all very brilliant—both literally and conceptually. The night was pure white magic.... from the white light emitting from the Whitney's lobby gallery—all the way to the street—onto the crowd of kult-like followers all dressed in white, including me—I even dyed my hair Blade Runner replicant white for this special occassion—to the white bumps behind bathroom doors. I remember laughing at the logo on the white porcelain toilet—"Church"—I really felt like I had been to a church that evening. The Kohs all in white, like a wedding party, the black stretch limo waiting for them out front. At Deitch you couldn't even get in if you weren't wearing white... the white followers congregated, submersed in a white fog, not unlike those found on Dagobah (where Luke took his Jedi lessons from his master Yoda) and there were these 2 giant sea urchin's with lightsaber needles of white light randomly aluminating the mist like a jedi underwater. Terence emerged in a head to toe white blond wig with broken mirrors on his pants and started to chant in a soft abstract owlish meets popstar Whitney Houston coked-out of her mind like trance. It really was purely magical... This was Terence's final night as a bunny in love. His voice started to crechendo and it was as if he came too soon and then crawled off the stage and we were all lost in the mist and brought back into our cold hard reality. I wanted to escape with him or at least reach the same level... The after party at 205 was legendary. It kinda felt like a Warhol party—even the bar was covered in aluminum foil like the old Factory—or at least how I imagined downtown NYC to be like in the late 1960s and early 70s. Awesome! Thank you Terence—you are my shining star. (above photo courtesy of Billy Miller).

Terence with Vanity Fair photographer, Todd Eberle

My pal, Jimmi (James Swain)

Phil & Shelley Aarons: two of the hottest young collectors of NYC. xo

A very handsome Ryan McGinley with Terence Koh.

Garrik Gott, Terence's awesome BF.

The legendary AA Bronson of General Idea.

Terence had like the best fashions that night! Sorry I ran out of film, I really will buy a digital camera someday soon...

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