Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Young & The Restless: 2008 is Gonna Be Gr8!

Letting go of 2007…

What a krazy year: a tornado touched down in Brooklyn, America is totally bored with Iraq, one meltdown after-the-next, and so many awesome people are like dead…

Gone but not forgotten:

R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith.
Ike beat Tina Turner.
R.I.P. Brook A$tor - 105!
The Queen of Mean—Leona Helmsley—stone cold dead in her 1.4 MILLON DOLLAR mausoleum. Boris Yeltsin liked to drink—a lot. R.I.P. The rad existentialist filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman. Designing for White Women, Liz Claiborne—supposedly, Liz appeared on Oprah claiming that she was a devil worshipper and her company logo was some kind of satanic symbol and she donated some of her profits to some satanic organization… Oprah—who was wearing a Liz Claiborne dress wasn’t havin it and left the studio and returned wearing a bathrobe and said, “I’m never wearing one of your dresses again!” Liz announced that she doesn’t design clothes for black women cuz “their hips are too big.”
As purty as a Lady Bird.
R.I.P. The Legendary Mime: Marcel Marceau.
Is Fidel Castro dead yet?
God Bless her: Tammy Faye R.I.P.
Two awesome authors, Kurt Vonnegut and Norman Mailer: Why Are We at War? “Because democracy is noble, it is always endangered. Nobility, indeed, is always in danger. Democracy is perishable. I think the natural government for most people, given the uglier depths of human nature, is fascism. Fascism is more of a natural state than democracy. To assume blithely that we can export democracy into any country we choose can serve para-doxically to encourage more fascism at home and abroad.” R.I.P.

It’s Britney Bitch! Shaved heads are def back in. Gimme more babies!
Anna Nicole went down the rabbit hole.
Get well soon Lindsay.
David Hasselhoff got messy.
Boy George—Do you really want to hurt me?
Owen Wilson—we all loose it sometimes.

OJ is an even bigger mess.
Paris is burning—out.
NASA was like a total drunkin’ jealous computer space station sabotaging mess.
Wall Street guys getting drunk and naked doing keg stands is what I’m talking about.

My new year’s resolution: def letting go… Beam me up! Scotty

Wishing you all a healthy and wealthy 2008!

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