Friday, March 28, 2008

Easy Being Gay

Wed Night Movie Night at Monkey Town was soo fun! For those of you who missed it - missed out... but, there will most likely be a nationwide release of Project P-town so, check your lokal theaters... or, it may just go straight to DVD - either way, stay tooned! If you were in my GAG 4 Mugshot video and would like a copy - please email me at:

Nils from Snuten—the super awesome boy band from Norway (K48 #6)—performed this solo acapella number at The Cock... the sound on my little digital camera sux—sorry about that! Thank you to Nils and Slurp for hosting our after party.

Nils is the only gay member of the 4 boys in Snuten. They kinda remind me of ABBA. This video/song "Easy" is so awesome... check it out and their other stuff on youtube and their site is:

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