Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brigid Berlin at The Warhol

This past weekend, Robert and I took a trip to Pittsburgh to see The End at the Warhol and also the Brigid Berlin show. It was so awesome and fun! Thank you Ed, Marcus, John & John, Tom and Jacob for showing us a good time. We also visited the Mattress Factory and the Paper Rad show rocked! I love Pitts - it's super cheap and trashy - in a good way :) - go Steelers! And go to Lucky's, they have dick dancers!

Brigid and me

Ed & Marcus

Ed's new art space will open in the spring...

Lucky's has dick dancers!

John on Ed's roof over looking Pitts

Karen Finley

Trevor Paglen - names of secret U.S. missions (detail)

Paper Rad


Edgar Um Bucholtz said...

great pics, Scott! it's cool to see my hood through your eyes.

it was lovely to have you and darling Robert in Pittsburgh.

here's a link to my art/noise blog:




John Foster Cartwright said...
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John Foster Cartwright said...

Dear Scott,
You and Robert were the most lovely house guests! Come back! I am so glad my butt crack is on the K-48 blog. When I process that roll I'll send you what I was shooting. And in the self promoting vein of edgrrrr:


Kisses or something.

Lil John