Thursday, March 26, 2009


Below are some iphone pix of artworks that have caught my eye on some of my journey's around town...

1992009 at D'Amelio Terras up until April 25th
Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Jessica Diamond

Christopher Wool

Steven Parrino

Adam McEwen at Nicole Klagsbrun until April 18th

Almost News: press photos from the collection of Jocko Weyland at KS Art until March 28th

Xylor Jane at CANADA until March 29th

Donatien Veismann at Envoy until April 19th

Jacob Kassay at Eleven Rivington until March 29th

Tomoo Gokita at ATM Gallary until May 2nd

Richard Tuttle at PACE until April 25th

Mungo Thomson at JCP until April 4th

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