Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yemenwed's Episode 3

The art collective, Yemenwed has released their latest digital video, Episode 3 (there are stills in the current issue of K48: Starship Counterforce). Check it out!!

The video is a surreal Sci-Fi journey; part animation, part live action, part painting, part video game. The piece begins with Sigrid, the female protagonist, outfitted in leg splints and a cane, crossing a field of reeds as she approaches the looming presence of the Metronome building. Sigrid continues on to encounter powerful forces at play for the access of physical and spiritual transcendence, manifested in a cast of mythical objects and characters such as the Outsiders, an Offering Box, Hymnals, a Pew, the Prefects, the Psychic, a Coffin.

Taking queues from performance, ritual, dance and cinema, Episode 3 is an abstract meditation on multiplicity and transformation. Yemenwed states, "In the video the protagonist's identity, or body, is wed to how she inhabits the space, or how she is enveloped by it, rooted in the architecture, objects and characters she encounters."

Yemenwed Episode 3 is Gloria Maximo, Jonathan Turner, Shawn Maximo, Paul Kopkau, Jason Farrer, Megha Barnabas, Heather Kosch, Busy Gangnes, Kate Rosko, Natalie Lebrecht, Joseph Fraioli, David Santa Maria, Laura Foxman, Black Cracker, Peter Zuspan, Shannon Funchess, Nina Mehta, Abby Portner, and Krallice.

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