Friday, December 31, 2010

K48 Kontinuum Black Cube / OoO 2009

K48 WAS INVITED by the X-initiative in New York to take part in their No Soul for Sale, a festival of independents, celebrating independent art projects and initiatives from around the world. K48 Kontinuum, a collaborative group of nine members, undertook the project, housed at the former Dia Art Foundation in Chelsea. A black cube was created inside one of the large exhibition spaces using black plastic, inflated by an air pump to sustain the temporary structure. Inside the cube, a strobe light flickered on and off slowly and intensively, making visible a black microphone resting on a small table. Visitors who ventured inside were often disoriented by the flickering darkness of the space, and were met by an acousmatic sound piece that played throughout the structure. Those who approached and spoke into the microphone found their voice changed and echoed by that of a little girl, repeating and temporally becoming part of the piece of music, providing an otherworldly experience. This collaboration marked a distinct new way for K48 to function, relying on a creative collective to produce one distinct work of art or environment.

Anne Koch performing inside of The Black Cube

Order of play
There is also and always
Toward great moved wrinkle disorder

Falling apart at the seams
Gut instincts, an internal logic
In the scope of our PC brains

The world is to us shadow
Strange shutter
Mind blanketed

Subversion of order, chance,
Strands of the hair
Backwards sweater
Shattered sunglasses

Super Collider
Asperger’s syndrome
Smashed self

Precariousness is the new order
Beyond politics
Flower prick
A dismantling of the ego

Naturally pick up the leftovers,
Cut them
The double up, and reassemble

The most uncertain way to proceed
Stamps and cats
Sinking ships, scripted vases

Primal is therapy with repair
Information hungry, chopped, twisted
And sometimes dysfunctional
Surfing on the clashing waves of confusion

OoO, Andrew Edlin Gallery, NYC

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