Friday, December 31, 2010

STOP! 2000

The first issue of K48 was launched in 2000. We all thought that Y2K would shut down the system.. Enter/K48:

Regular or Goofy?
irrational order
linear passivism - information I.V.
"I want my MTV."
fractals, form, chance, and dimension
warp drive - out of mind, out of body
infinity imagined
irrational numbers
random links
speed freaks
disoriented adults
extreme kids
receiver/transmitter confusion
the disassembled mediascape
the monkey is the massaged
Apocalypse Now
"May the force be with you."
New Babylon
Space Invaders
"Where do you want to go today?"
transient users
spiritual grooves...
relaxing into chaos

K48 is your pocket companion/time capsule..

Ricci Albenda

Bruce Goff

Cheapcream on Technology: Julia Scher

David Shaw & Ryan McGinley

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