Saturday, January 22, 2011


I recently found this on eBay — I was the only bidder! I can't believe how good this is — I've been wanting to find a copy for years. I'm sure that it's pretty rare. The title of the band was pulled from a New York Post headline and often the lyrics came straight out of the sensational stories with samples from live news broadcasts. A NYC art band with member/artist David Wojnarowicz, Julie Hair, Jesse Hultberg, Brian Butterick, Doug Bressler.


we are non-essential laborers
you will die soon enough
I will not live long
All things will change and move on
this course of history
this living and non living

it happened on the streets below
in the midst of falling rain
a series of cars collided
impact of motors and glass
A bum was struck in passing
A bum was struck in passing
and all civilization
was at the wheel

I see these things everyday
television candidates with singular vision
grey images of freezing homes
people combing through garbage reefs
so we continue, so we consume
unearthing cars and factories
and thirst is continuous
and thirst is continuous

you can drink wine from crystal glasses
you can drink wine from paper bags
you can put a gun to your head
or you can turn it on the guilty party
or you can step in front of a car
erasing the sliding world of fact

Point Blank Records ©1982 3TK4

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