Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nothing Says Mass Murderer w/Absolute Power Like Gold Epaulettes, Fake Medals & Silk Sash

The Gaddafi's of America are the CEOs of the huge companies that lobby and buy politicians that control Wall Street, The FED (the root of all evil), petrochemical food crops — feed us crap, entertain us with mediocre celebrities, keep us dependent on oil and sedated on pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy.. While we live on borrowed kredit [which includes Mother Nature!! — how the hell are we ever gonna pay Her back?].. Meanwhile, spending most of our hard earned tax dollars on WMDs.. It's a very complex globally connected MAFIA GADDAFI system based on self-centered egos and GREED — that the sooner everyone wakes up to the better.. I hope every nation will rise up and take THEM all down — one by one — like a bunch of Angry Birds! Poor Obama — he really is just another prisoner in a prison puppet show called Late Capitalist Democracy. Buy more now and be happy. Btw, did you see Derek Jeter's new crib? Damn dude! Late to the plate — That's the American Dream. Would you hold it against me? I was born this way and I need a vacation tonight.. :-) hugs

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