Friday, February 01, 2013

OAF 2013 Opening Night

Last night was so much fun that I could barely get out of bed today ;-) The Outsider Art Fair is a real treat! After seeing so many contemporary art fairs - this one feels so fresh and authentic. I love the new location at the old DIA center and it felt much tighter than previous years. The quality of the work was very even throughout and nothing felt like it was trying to be "outsider". You will see some awesome works by the big names in outsider art like Henry Darger, Eugene von Bruenchenhein and Lee Godie as well as some new very cool additions to this year's fair like the presentation by Feature Inc. of anonymous tantra paintings. One of my favorite's was a solo booth by Michael Patterson-Carver at Laurel Gitlen Gallery. So much to see.. I will post more pictures tomorrow.. Don't miss this fair! And a great review by Roberta Smith in the NYTimes.
Juliana looking HAM!
Lee Godie
Morton Bartlett
HolyHakan looking handsome!
M. Patterson-Carver
Gayleen Aiken

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