Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In The Spot Light

Here are more pix from last Thursday's KOH event at the Whitney and at Deitch... all photos courtesy of Jimmi, of Jimmi and the Jimmi’s fame, (James Swain).

My replicant, Scotty, with beautiful Sophia Lamar of Sophia Lamar will kill you dot com.

Spot lights are very glamorous!

Eli—assume vivid astro focus with Tim—love the Dior headband ribbon.

Tim's bare back. HOT!

The crowd at Deitch. Looking very much like a kult. That's Fritz Haeg of Sundown Salon in the hat.

Angels: Michael Magnan and Cameron Cooper.

I love Sci-Fi!

Me & Cameron and our shoes are radd too.

After the performance we ate our hamburger and french fries we got at Lucky Strike and listened to the classical pianist on the white baby grand.

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