Friday, January 26, 2007

Vampire of the Vanities

Today at Hogwarts I got to meet Tom Wolfe. Here I am (looking very Draco Malfoy) with a little book of magic... a test shot for a photo shoot in Avery Library. Me and John Smock (the photographer) were taking a photo of Robert Stern who was with Mr. Wolfe. Tom had a bloody nose so I couldn't get a picture with him. He wore a white suit and a hat and a navy blue cape. He looked very dapper. I think I will read Bonfire of the Vanities next... and/or rent the movie with Tom Hanks & Melanie Griffith (speaking of witch, have you seen her lately?)—has anyone seen it? Is it good? And I want to read The Painted Word too. Today I finished reading In Cold Blood. Also, I finished the K48 music poster for the new issue...

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