Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Warhol Factory Girl Ivy Nicholson Receives Superstar Award

NYC, The Gershwin Hotel—Ivy Nicholson has been famous ever since she graced the covers of Harper's Bazaar back in the 1950s (K48 issues #2 & 4) and then again when she was cast in several of Warhol's films, including Chelsea Girls—his most famous. Ivy had a very special and she would say somewhat romantic relationship with Andy... and according to Ivy, some of her magic actually help save Andy's life while he was in the hospital after Valerie's tragic meltdown that ended in the famous Factory bloodbath. Congrads Ivy! You are a survivor and a real superstar! You looked very glamorous last night in your agnes b. stripes and mini with your silver metalic manicure... screw rehab—have a drink!

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