Monday, February 19, 2007

Steal This Manifesto—What's up with Britney LUH 3417?

1. Steal this manifesto.
2. Make use of a service already existing without paying for it.
3. Recycle.
4. Against that which cannot be understood.
5. “I ALWAYS thought that modern art was anything you put on your wall after you got to be rich.” — Robert Downey Jr.
6. Trash trophies.
7. The lie of success, the ignorance of its champions and the intrinsic honesty of failure.
8. Destroy reality.
9. Sell-out while you can.
10. Fuse the cadres of cultural, social & political revolutionaries into united front & action.
11. Radicalize aesthetics.
12. Fight back.
13. Everyone is an artist.
14. Bring back fun!
15. Lighten up—it’s not your fault.
16. Use your sex.
17. Art that has to be in an art gallery to be art isn’t art.
18. Share and collaborate.
19. No egos, jealousy or rivalry.
20. The creation of art is more important than its consumption.
21. Purge the world of bourgeois sickness, professional and commercialized culture.
22. Yes amateur.
23. Exploit celebrities.
24. Just kick it till it breaks.
25. For an art of improvement, understanding, and truth.
26. Curiosity.
27. Teenage Rebel.
28. Fuck rehab!
29. Surface meltdown.
30. Pro Homosexual, Pro Women, Pro Children, Anti-“Straight”.
31. Anti-capitalist.
32. Use the focking medium!
33. Damn kid. Probably copied it. They’re all alike.
34. This is useless and ridiculous.
35. Just do it.

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