Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Miami Flashback

I finally picked up my 35s... dang, it sure is gettin expensive... coulda bought myself a digital camera... but, I like my Yashica T4... njoy these takin down in Miami back in Dec... (if you click on them, they'll get bigger and bigger is better).

Slava, Blabs & Geo... We all got pretty retarded at The Mansion for Slava's book signing party.

Brian Kenny calls a foul. The Mansion wouldn't let Geo or Avenue D perform... now that's pretty retarded if you ask me!

In the spotlight at A Current Affair—Mirror Miror

Geo gave us a private performance in Slava's hotel room.

This is Tim from Cologne on Collins...

#12 is HOT! (W8 until you see him in a police uniform—K48#6!)

These colors do run...

remember Martha's silver cape when she got out...

Granty & Ryan at Daniel Reich's B-day party by the pool.

The Boys of Mirror Mirror: Matt, Ryan and David.

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