Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sweet Dreams Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith 1967–2007

Anna Nicole was our Marilyn, not the real deal but the wanna be... our TV reality show cheap shot. She idolized Marilyn and copied her look and even emulated her death. She was like Marilyn's living fanzine. Did she take it too far? This is our American Idol today—you don't need a lot of talent—just a lot of money. Anna needed those $30,000 designer gowns and make-up artists... it was expensive being Anna Nicole—she had to look good. Just be the image—the product—like an imitation brand. Why did you deserve this? Why did you count? She wanted it soo badly. She was gonna be something someday. She did it. She got it. Anna was invented by herself but also by us—that is how celebrity happens. It's a tragic story—that we've heard and seen all before—and all that money can't bring her back. Daniel's death last fall was hard enough. Now this! And what about Dannie Lynn Hope?? I wonder if Anna knew who the real father was? I'm watching the newscasters and I can't feel anything and I don't think they do either... like, I want to feel sorry and I do but, it all feels more and more like a dream... is this The American Dream? I get soo confused sometimes but, it does make a good story and I'm definitely not the only blogger reporting on this tragic event. It's a media blitz. Anna Nicole wouldn't have it any other way. Lets have a big party. That's how she'd want us to remember her by. Life is a party. She was famous because we covered her. On her last day she’s BIG news. This is how we do celebrity in America today. Just what happened? Giving birth, son dies, you die… Exotic dancing Playboy. An uglier kind of celebrity. Sugar Daddy. It was dirty dish. TrimSpa baby. You looked good Anna. Sweet Dreams.


Stevie said...

I love your site, buddy. Your perspective is refreshing. Thanks for always being honest and putting it out there. lookon' forward to the next K48. When is that coming?

Stevie said...

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